Environmental Policy

The company has adopted the following principles for its environmental policy. These principles correspond to the nature, scope and environmental impacts of our activities:

- to reduce environmental pollution and contribute slowing down the loss of mineral wealth
by waste recycling,

- to strictly comply with all obligations arising from statutory and other regulations relating
to environmental protection and important environmental aspects,

- to ensure the professional disposal of waste which cannot be recycled further and to
minimize the amount of such waste,

- to continuously improve the activities performed by, and the working conditions of, our
employees in order to minimize their adverse impact on the environment and ensure occupational

- by thorough preventive methods, to prevent accidents and situations the consequences
of which could have an adverse impact on the environment and the health of employees.

This policy embodies the commitment of the whole company to the environment. Commitments arising from this environmental policy are mandatory for all our employees.


Zbýšov, 8th of January 2021                                                          Company Executive Officer