About the Company


PASPOL s.r.o. has been active on the market since 1991.
The company has gradually expanded over time and today the head office and permanent centre of operations are situated in Zbýšov u Oslavan, on the former premises of RUD. The company is gradually modernizing these premises.
Our company employs 20-30 full-time employees and its annual turnover ranges from CZK 90 to 150 million.



The main programme includes the environmentally friendly processing of electrical materials and cables, the disassembly of technological units and their reprocessing as secondary raw materials.
We are actively engaged in a system for recollecting waste oils, which are stored at our operations centre and prepared for collection according to the requirements of our business partners.
We use specialized means of production and have a sufficient number of experienced employees. We have an Eldan crushing line and our own collection and handling equipment for sorting and treating secondary raw materials using R3 and R4 methods. These have been approved by the Environmental Department of the Regional Office of the South Moravia Region. The company´s production procedures are certified according to EMS ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016.
The company is focused exclusively on the wholesale treatment of input waste materials. Our buyers of secondary raw materials include domestic and foreign ironworks and foundries.



Thanks to our considerable experience in the processing and trading of metal and non-metal waste, we are one of the leading entities in our sector. Through all its various activities - the professional sorting and the green processing of materials into profitable raw materials, its emphasis on minimizing the production of secondary waste products, its engagement in the recollection of waste oils - our company is contributing to environmental protection. Thanks to the high quality of the provided services, the company is usually included in the final round of tenders and is often chosen to implement competitive contracts.
Our company has its own financial resources - operating capital. The company currently does not rely on bank credit and is not indebted to any financial institution. This is a result of the company´s excellent cash flow. The company´s capital and its owners are entirely Czech. We aim to offer employment particularly to people from our region. Emphasis is placed on qualifications, a positive attitude to work and long-term employment, which is our contribution to reducing unemployment in the region.



The company currently aims to expand and modernize its centre of operations, so as to be able to use the latest technologies for processing secondary waste products. The technologies we currently use mean we are unable to recycle this kind of waste. Instead, we have to transfer the waste to a third party for disposal by burning or dumping.
After introducing additional technological procedures, however, and as soon as our premises have been extended, we will also be able to recycle these kinds of waste ourselves.